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Operations in Argotec is a revolution in the aerospace small satellites business, with a focus on accuracy and exceptional service. Our target is to produce and delivery satellites as a technological factory. Maintenance as a part of Industrialization & Processes department, it is the business partner that work tirelessly behind the scenes to make it all happen. We drive continuous improvement and maintain all equipment to ensure our customers are satisfied by an incredible and reliable product.

We are primarily interested in a demonstrated commitment to the work and the potential to grow. Experience comes in many forms and passion goes a long way. If your experience is close to what we’re looking for, please consider applying.

Your expertise is needed to improve our cutting-edge technology. Our team works in a collaborative and Agile environment and our products range from, advanced CubeSats, advanced electronic systems and mission payloads.

Mission del ruolo

A PDM plays a crucial role in managing and organizing product-related information within Argotec. Here are some key aspects of this role:

Data Management: The PDM is responsible for collecting, organizing, and maintaining data related to products. This includes information about materials, design schematics, bills of materials, and manufacturing processes.
Bridge Between Technical and Production Teams: PDM facilitates communication between the engineering (which creates design drawings) and operation (which manages production and logistics). The PDM ensures that both departments have access to accurate and up-to-date information.
Change Management: When changes are made to products (such as design corrections or material updates), the PDM ensures that these changes are documented and communicated to all relevant stakeholders.
Integration with CAD Systems: Given the widespread use of Computer-Aided Design (CAD) systems in product design, the PDM must be proficient in integrating these tools with the data management system.
Configuration Management: The PDM establishes standard procedures for data management and ensures that different versions of drawings and specifications are tracked and controlled.
Product Lifecycle Management: Responsible for managing the entire lifecycle of products, from idea generation, through design and development, to production, to operations.

In this role, you will be able to:

Act as mediator between Production, Engineering and Procurement stakeholders
Ensure proper communication and information sharing among the operators supporting internal manufacturing and assembly activities
Supervise digitalization activities across all active projects, including initial product digitalization, change management, and deployment of new releases
Oversee design, implementation, and maintenance of data pipelines, and data processing systems
Develop strategic plans and ensures tactical execution of these plans
Responsible for maintaining best practices and data model standards
Assist supply chain management wrt special projects (e.g., including on-off, prototypes etc.)
Support development of proposals regarding new products and services
Support definition and commission of assembly and test plans and cycles
Assist the definition and periodic review of internal coding standards used for item tracking at all levels
Assist with long-lead items management and part obsolescence for existing products
Assist Program Managers during the execution of complex projects

Competenze e caratteristiche


Develop and implement Configuration Management Plans and drive data quality across products and projects
Develop and implement integrated Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) plans and procedures
Develop and implement documentation management processes that allow for efficient data storage, search, and retrieval
Assist in implementing hardware and software version control processes, policies and procedures
Assist in the use of configuration management tools to store, track, and manage configuration items
Manage data archiving
Manage document searches using the document metadata. In the specific case of the technical drawing are usually identified with the data entered in the entry table also called cartouche;
Manage storage of technical specifications automatically within a database that regulates the business cycle
Allows viewing of archived documents in lightweight formats (in PDF or, for CAD formats, in DWF, Adobe and Autodesk formats respectively).


High School Diploma
Previous experience in the area of product and data configuration management (at least one year)
Good knowledge of the mains ERP on the market (SAP B1)
Demonstrated experience with Atlassian tools, including Jira and Confluence
Demonstrated experience with source control tools, such as Git or Subversion
Knowledge of MES systems
Knowledge of fully integrated PLM tools and methodologies is a plus

Cosa offriamo

In addition to the constant research work in the engineering field aimed at developing revolutionary products and services in the aerospace sector, our team is dedicated to implementing innovative approaches in all business aspects, aimed at constantly improving the balance between private life and work, safeguarding the environment and the surrounding society, and paying attention to new technologies.

Our innovative approach to work involves measures aimed at improving the work-life balance of employees. For this reason, since 2022, we have introduced Freeday, a Friday each month when the company closes at 1:00 PM, giving colleagues half a day off to start the weekend early, without affecting their pay. To the same end, we have adopted flexible working hours and maintained – after the Covid emergency – the possibility of working remotely two or more days a week.

Since its foundation, the company has adopted a plastic-free approach attentive to environmental conservation. Our commitment in this regard increases every year, supported also by the advent of technologies that allow us to minimize the production of paper waste. In this respect, a significant project started in 2023 is the digitization of the company’s key processes, which will lead to better data quality and consequently more efficient monitoring of process quality.

Argotec also cares about the well-being of colleagues, both male and female, and takes care of nutrition by offering a catering service managed by Argotec staff, based on careful nutritional balance and environmental sustainability.

Argotec is an equal-opportunity Employer. This announcement is aimed at both sexes, under laws 903/77 and 125/91, and to people of all ages and all nationalities, under legislative decrees 215/03 and 216/03.